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Involve a large group, discuss a sensitive topic or create support through online discussions in our unique software

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Your partner for efficient qualitative research

Synthetron enables a unique combination of qualitative and quantitative research, allowing organizations to facilitate large-scale online discussions in a short time. We provide the depth of insights from focus groups and can scale this up to 1000 participants using our unique software.

A chart showing that Synthetron provides deep insights comparable to focus groups and interviews, while also offering the scale of surveys.

Our approach to qualitative research offers
unique opportunities

Engage a large group substantively

Get a deep and nuanced insight into the views and ideas of a large group

Make sensitive topics discussable

Anonymity creates a safe space where participants dare to be open, even about sensitive topics

Generate and select ideas (ideation)

Let a group generate ideas and evaluate each other's ideas

Create support

Generate support by involving participants in thinking about possible solutions

The powerful combination of qualitative
and quantitative
research methods

Our innovative platform changes the way you gather and use insights. With our software, we combine qualitative and quantitative research methods, allowing us to measure and provide insight.

Large scale

Engage up to 1000 participants in one hour

Safe space

The anonymous form of conversation provides an environment where taboos can be discussed


Messages are written and evaluated by participants

Interactive setup

Feel involved by responding to and voting on each other's messages

Act quickly

Get to the core in one hour with 1000 participants

The powerful combination of qualitative
and quantitative
research methods

Our innovative platform changes the way you gather and use insights. With our software, we combine qualitative and quantitative research methods and can measure and provide insight.

Large scale

Involve up to 1000 participants in one hour

Interactive setup

Feeling engaged by responding and voting to each other's posts

Safe space

The anonymous online form of conversation provides an environment where taboos can be discussed.


Messages are written and reviewed by participants


Get to the core in one hour with 1000 participants

success stories

Whether you're shaping company culture, developing strategy, or influencing policy, our platform is suited to meet your unique needs.

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Find out how our software combines quantitative and qualitative research

Discover Synthetron's unique software for gaining in-depth insights with online discussions. Our software allows participants to evaluate each other's responses,  leading to comprehensive and nuanced results.

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What our customers say about us

“Synthetron helped us reach more than 6,000 members in a very professional way in online conversations about the key issues of the kilometer charge proposal. Our members were satisfied because they found participating easy and attractive. For us, it was nice to get a filtered result on such a large scale in an efficient and transparent way.

We got in-depth insights into what our members think, feel and why about various policy questions. The excellent report enabled us to provide balanced and motivated advice to the government, co-created and supported by stakeholders.”

Guido van Woerkom
Former CEO at ANWB

“Synthetron has made collaboration and staff management so simple and easy for us. It's amazing how much better the process is compared to other platforms.”

Maaike Van Leeuwen
Advisor at Rabobank's Dialogue Expertise Center

"Samen met Synthetron konden we op een toegankelijke manier input van onze medewerkers verzamelen, wat resulteerde in kernwaarden ondersteund door onze medewerkers. Het proces was grondig en de samenwerking met beide partijen uitstekend."platforms."

Vera Dubois
Transformation Project Manager at KLM

“Dare to try new things, like we did with making it possible to discuss (personal) topics that are sometimes taboo via Synthetron. It works!”

Alexandra Bemelmans
Innovation Project Manager at the Municipality of Amsterdam

“Synthetron combines the best of both worlds. Just like a focus group, you get very valuable, substantive insights thanks to the open questions and the interaction between participants. But the number of participants you can involve at the same time is almost unlimited.”

Hilde Sels
Quality expert at Thomas More University

“I've been looking for a collaborative solution for a long time that would allow me to gather ideas and feedback from a group of managers around the world in a short timeframe — like one hour. My personal experience is that conventional conference call tools do not meet these conditions. I've just experienced Synthetron and I think it's a very efficient tool for meeting these needs!”

Herve Coureil
Top Manager at Schneider Electric S.A., Paris

"Synthetron heeft bewezen een zeer krachtig hulpmiddel te zijn om de stemmen van alle werknemers te horen. Luisteren naar wat onder de oppervlakte ligt onthult onuitgesproken obstakels en onderbenutte krachten.

Het is een echte trigger in een veranderingsreis, aangezien werknemers zelf de toekomst co-creëren, deze bezitten en sturen."

Liesbeth Dillen

“Organize conversations like this one!

People like to talk to each other and are therefore able to reflect on themselves, but they also learn from each other.”

Nadine de Bree-Kisoen
Vital program manager at work at the Municipality of Amsterdam
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Frequently asked

What makes Synthetron different from an online survey?

In the Synthetron software, all written messages must be evaluated by other participants. The messages are first sent to 4 other participants; if they strongly agree, the message goes' viral 'to other participants in steps.

Because participants review each other's messages, they provide each other with answer options, so you get a much more complete picture than with ordinary open questions in a survey.

Why does it have to be anonymous?

In almost all dialogues, there are things that are not easy to say. Maybe because they're critical, controversial, or just feeling a little bit embarrassing. We know from experience that anonymity improves the truth and depth of dialogue.

Can Synthetron handle multi-language dialogues?

Absolutely! Synthetron is a global platform that supports multi-language dialogue. Currently, our platform is available in the following languages:

- English
- Spanish
- Dutch
- French
- German
- Danish
- Polish
- Italian
- Russian

Is Synthetron suitable for every group size?

We've had discussions with 6 participants, but they work best if you have more. 30 is a good minimum number to aim for, although smaller groups also make sense when discussing sensitive topics.

How does Synthetron ensure data privacy and security?

We do not store any personal information. For our software to work, we generate a unique ID for each user that is completely random, and we store a cookie on your device. This is to ensure that if you lose the connection, you can pick up where you left off.

Is anonymity guaranteed?

All participants receive a random identification code by the system. We don't know who someone is. What we do know is what each code number (a single anonymous participant) did, so we can look for patterns related to segments.

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