Informationen zu kürzlich durchgeführten Projekten

  • High-level expert panel with McKinsey

    Our first virtual panel discussion with high-level experts was considered surprisingly efficient in the eyes of our McKinsey counterparts as a means to help evaluate treatment paths for depression.  Crowd-sourcing based brainstorming is still an unknown road for many. So much the better then that a high-level panel of more than twenty academics from  Harvard, […]

  • The 5 top reasons why it’s difficult to appease members

    Last year, members of FNV (the Dutch worker’s union) gathered at an FNV Allies conference and, contrary to all expectations, voted against a proposition to merge. This once again showed that it’s difficult to gauge the opinion of members, even if they are involved every step of the way.   Why is that? Why do so […]


In diesen Beispielen werden einige der vielen Herausforderungen dargestellt, bei denen Synthetron zur Problemlösung beigetragen hat. Nichts kann ein Konzept besser erläutern als ein Beispiel. Daher freuen wir uns, diese mit Ihnen teilen zu können.