Synthetron press release ANWB

Today, Synthetron is presenting the results of a discussion with members of the Dutch Automobile Association (ANWB) in which the members could express their opinion on the road pricing proposal of the Dutch government. The so called ‘Kilometerprijs’ law proposal aims to change car tax in the Netherlands from an ownership to a usage based tax (milage).

Jeanette Kalthof of Synthetron will present the results at the ANWB press conference. She will illustrate high level results of the discussions with 6000 ANWB members. These discussions generated deep insights into the alignment, deeper motives and sources of potential resistance regarding different aspects of the law proposal and enables the Dutch government to come to, for the ANWB members, acceptable amendments on the proposal since the members also suggested many changes to improve the proposal.

The Synthetron stakeholder discussions for the ANWB are the largest interactive stakeholder discussions ever organised in The Netherlands.

For more information on stakeholder engagement in The Netherlands: please contact Jeanette Kalthof or Leo Dijkema or Michel Brakenhoff; internationally, contact Joanne Celens. See Contact Us.

Download the complete report in Dutch here or watch the NOS news video.