Synthetron Business Think Tank on Simplification.
13 September, 12PM CET

 Over the last year and a half, a significant number of our clients mentioned the word “simplification” as one of their key top management topics. However, taking focused action that supports your company’s priorities can be quite a challenge.


Let’s get some answers about how to approach this issue by pooling our wit and wisdom. What’s your view and experience? Let’s identify some insights together.

  • reflect to which extent internal complexity has become a key issue and why. discuss the various ways if affects an organisation and identify key root cause behind it,
  • stand still on  what the main purpose of simplification is, what added value are we after? share thoughts and experiences on  ways to best “simplify” 


To sharpen your view about what’s at stake we invite you to participate in our 3rd


How will it work?

Using the Synthetron Crowd Sourcing Methodology
It will be an active and intense debate reflection and co-creation with business peers from a range of countries: written and anonymous.  For more info (or a 4 min film) see same link


What can you expect?

We’ll share with you the Business Think Tank’s crowd-sourced insights in a Report with the 5 most important barriers sharing the best ideas and tips to simplify for you. This will be based on our analysis of the synthetrons- the comments that get the highest shared support from participants. Our participants consistently report that investing one hour in crowdsourcing is an enriching experience, well worth the time. Our collective wisdom will add up to much more than any of us could achieve on our own.


We look forward to find out

– the top 5 barriers to simplification.
– the 5 best ideas to make simplification happen.
– the top 5 arguments to persuade your environment to support this change.
– the buzzwords and communication style which you and others have in mind when taking about this subject.
If you would like to participate, please send a mail to