Change & Strategy

Keep a finger on the pulse when implementing your new strategy

Change Tracker

To reinforce and accelerate your transformation process before and during post-merger integration plan and any type of change management program
Track and benchmark regularly stakeholders opinions, get feedback on action plan and improve it through co-created measures. Aim to understand the need for change, the vision and aspirations, the stickiness of your corporate story, the level of alignment and engagement, adoption level and progress so far. Get to know the barriers and accelerators. Get deep insight in the forces for change (3H and ECB). Benchmarks against and how to communicate best to mobilise (LaB analysis).


Concept Tester

To test concepts, corporate story, plan, new products …
Test concepts or ideas with your internal opinion leaders in 4 steps: (1) share concept/ideas (via slides, teleconference, webconference or real meeting); (2) get their collaborative feedback; (3) identify stickiness, gaps and motivators; and (4) use opinion leaders’ own words and solutions to efficiently communicate and mobilise other stakeholders.


Change Mirror

To understand change and informal network forces
Approach developed with Prof. T. Homan from the Open University, Utrecht, based on chaos theory to understand the forces and networks at stake so you can co-create change from the bottom-up.