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Synthetron has built an expertise in engagement through proactive crowd-sourcing for a wide range of clients. We know how to engage groups for feedback, reflection or co-creation using our discussion methodology and software. We also add value by analysing discussions in depth, including the specific language used by participants, enabling us to deploy valuable benchmarks and to bring insights in an actionable format for managers. This is helped not only by our wide experience with clients in many sectors, but also the extensive business experience of our consultants.
There are two types of partners we continue to add.

Synthetron Partners

While we do seek to engage clients at senior, strategic levels, we do not seek to offer business consultancy to manage a change process end-to-end, nor are we positioned as marketers or executive coaches. Instead, we have developed a way of benefiting clients through working easily together with organisations offering services that are complementary to ours. We believe in trusted partnerships whereby we strengthen each other and focus together on creating client value.

Synthetron accredited users (including individuals)

We have good experience with boutique consultancies working with high-level client relationships and specializing in strategy, HR, change or social engagement. Such partners incorporate the Synthetron crowdsourcing method into their portfolio. After accreditation and training they bring our methodology to their clients, while we can also steer our clients towards other relevant services offered by our partners. The translation of our software and material into new languages is not a heavy process. Depending on partner preference and maturity of our organisations within a market, we have developed flexible ways of making these relationships effective for all parties.

To explore becoming a Synthetron partner, please contact us.


Current Synthetron Partners

  • pentascope

  • Pentascope

    Consultants for the successful implementation of changes in the field of processes, systems, culture and management (NL)

  • mobius

  • Möbius

    Consultants in Business Process & Supply Chain Management (BE)

  • ou

  • Open Universiteit

    Develops, provides and promotes innovative higher distance education of top quality, in collaboration with networks and alliances (NL)

  • h2b

  • Human to Business

    is an advisory company providing solutions concerning human resources development and optimisation of effectiveness. We are an innovative company that is created by an experienced team.

  • aligning leadership

  • Aligning leadership

    Connecting interactional efficiency and sustainable performance.
    We accompany leaders, teams, organizations and individuals, to rebound from problematic situations, when they want to achieve a difficult objective, or increase their performance.

    The aim of Short Strategic Change intervention is to understand how the perceptive and reactive system work within the reality of the here and now, interrupt what has developped between attempted solutions and persistence of the problem and induce change generating a chain reaction of successive changes leading to efficiency.

    Aligning leadership operates in Europe and worldwide.

  • ukon

  • UKON

    is a leading organisational psychology consulting firm, helping leaders meet ambitious goals – and address complicated challenges that hinder the organisation’s progress. They enable their clients to resolve strategically important leadership challenges swiftly and successfully by developing personal leadership competencies, management team effectiveness and overall organizational capabilities. UKON has 20 highly educated consultants with extensive consulting and leadership experience. With offices in Aarhus and Copenhagen, they have provided consulting services for 25 years to leading private and public organizations in Denmark and abroad.

  • download

  • Politique Numérique

    Philippe Le Gonnidec is a multimedia strategy consultant and has been working over the last 18 years with large companies, international institutions and national as well as local public authorities in France and Europe to develop their internet strategies.

    • Ecology and Sustainability education – he developed a
      virtual-world application to promote sustainability education “SOS- 21.com“;
      which obtained 20 awards since 2008 from different  countries. He is also a
      co-founder of the “Tribunal for the Nature” (launched by the French
      philosopher Edgar Morin in June 2012 at the Rio+20 event)
    • Participatory Democracy – he advises numerous associations and
      institutional bodies on solutions to promote citizen participation : he is
      on the board of “Democratie Ouverte”- a key French  association active in
      this area-;   and has taken part to the “Pacte Civique”,  another
      organisations  aiming to develop e-democracy

    He frequently collaborates with respect to these two topics with researchers from  the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHSS / Centre Edgar Morin -attached to the CNRS)  and the l’Institut International de Recherche,
    Politique de Civilisation (IIRPC). Philippe also regularly gives lectures on the impact of “digitalisation” on societal change and is writing a book upon this topic

  • corporate legacy

  • Corporate Legacy

    is a boutique consulting firm working across organisation silos to impact corporate communication, brand visibility, marketing innovation and employee engagement.

    We believe that Business is a force for good & that Art is a force for freedom. Where Business meets Art then exciting things that lay the ground for 21st Century success happen.  Brand empathy, emotional engagement and “meaning” at an experiential level all develop.

    With Synthetron we now crowd source conversations with our Client’s stakeholders (staff, clients, suppliers, partners) to uncover the essence of the company, its core values – the corporate DNA…….and then we turn these into art.

    Results include increased visibility in their market, fresh storytelling for the media, and a greater sense of belonging for staff.

  • thecloudturbo gris

  • TheCloudturbo 

    TheCloudTurbo is an innovative Business Cloud Broker: it accelerates the adoption, the transition and the management of cloud-based services. It also saves time and money for its customers and their providers to source, integrate and manage cloud based services. TheCloudTurbo is a broker of Synthetron services.

  • logo

  • Sequoia


    Sequoia has built a highly dynamic and reputable boutique Organisation Development suite of services bringing solutions to clients in the public, private and social sectors. Sequoia Consulting provides transformational solutions in the domains of Strategy, Change, Leadership Development and Organisational Learning. In short:  Plan, Change, Lead and Learn solutions. Their services include Consulting, Facilitation, Capacity-building through Coaching, Workshops and Action-Learning.

    Sequoia Consulting has been enabling organisations and communities to be truly worthy of people’s commitment through Sequoia’s design principles of attending to purposes, intentions, people, processes customised to serve each client and spaces in which conversations on what matter can thrive.