Next Thinking Tank: Generation Gaps — 14th of August, 5PM CET Brussels, 4PM London, 11 AM New York

we always knew about the teenager / parents one but as we live longer and change faster how many more are opening up?

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From centenarians to baby boomers to millennials* – and whatever comes next – we have grown up with different needs and priorities.
Eco-warrior or conscientious objector? Rationing or hedonism? Facebook or telegrams? It’s little wonder we don’t always see eye to eye.

In this Thinking Tank we will be examining generation gaps. How can we live with them? Or even  turn them to our advantage?

What examples have you come across where the outcome is richer and more relevant because of intergenerational involvement?

If you belong to a generation*, or you know someone who does, if you’ve ever wondered what on earth your teenage kids or elderly boss are talking about,
then bring your thoughts and get some new ones. You might even change your mind about something.

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* if you’re not sure which you are, you can find out here

Dive into the Thinking Tank today to share your insights and consider those of the diverse group of participants we have come to expect.
For a short while today think freely about something that affects us all and let’s see where we can get together.You can share your views in advance on twitter #ttt.

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– Catherine Shovlin, Founder, The Thinking Tank


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