• (Belgium) Synthetron organiseert mee het derde Burgerkabinet

    Hoe kunnen we Brussel en Vlaanderen beter verbinden? Brussel is vandaag meer dan ooit een gespreksonderwerp in de media. Maar wat zijn de opinies, inzichten en oplossingen die burgers belangrijk vinden? Dit is het onderwerp van het Burgerkabinet. Wat? Een eerste reeks ideeën werd verzameld op Nu willen we graag drie specifieke thema’s verder […]

  • Citizens cabinet on Brussels016

    Citizens cabinet on Brussels016.Happy to announce the start of citizens cabinet on Brussels for Minister Gatz which we will support together with partners mobius and Citizenlab Minister Gatz en Madrane trekken Burgerkabinet Brussel op gang  

  • Synthetron at Crowdsourcing Week Brussels

    Next week Synthetron will be attending and presenting at Crowdsourcing Week Conference Brussels 2016. Europe’s major crowd economy conference explores the best practices in crowdsourcing and the collaborative economy that are fundamentally changing society, mindsets and possibilities across industries.           With 5 Days, 60+ Sessions, Endless Inspiration, the CSW Europe 2016 […]

  • The courage to engage a lot of people fast

    In today’s competitive environment speed in transformation is a must. But how do you know if the direction is clear or the benefits understood and appreciated? The board of Deutsche Bahn AG (DB) showed courage and decisiveness when they commissioned us to run discussions with their 3,500 managers – following a clear strategy presentation from the […]

  • Synthetron is one of the winners of the 2016 “Trophies of Participation and Citizen Democracy” for the project « Pacte Mondial des Jeunes pour le Climat»

    Synthetron together with its partners the Toulouse association “Youth of the World” and the Edgar Morin Centre (part of the EHESS -Ecole des Hautes Etude en Sciences Sociales -CNRS) was awarded the trophy ”Démarche de Participation”  in the category «Associations et Collectifs Citoyens». This award was presented as part of the 2016 «Trophées de la […]

  • Next open synthetron session: Fixing performance management

    Most business processes today are scarcely recognizable from their equivalents from fifty years ago. But think about performance management, the way companies set and cascade goals and offer their staff development, feedback and appraisal. Give or take a few acronyms, little has changed at most firms. Yet the pace of business today is much faster, […]

  • the right crowd, the right process

    Our CEO Joanne Celens on stage at the Crowdsourcing week conference in Brussels 2015. Part 2 of this talk focuses on the right crowd and the right process for successful crowdsourcing.

  • DNA and pitfalls of crowdsourcing

    Our CEO Joanne Celens on stage at the Crowdsourcing week conference in Brussels 2015. Part 1 of this talk is about the DNA and pitfalls of crowdsourcing. Where does crowdsourcing come from? What is it? What are the pitfalls? Find out in this short movie

  • Crowdsourcing Intelligence – Joanne Celens @ Crowdsourcing Week 2015

    This year we partnered up with Crowdsourcing Week to get more involved in the rich world of Crowdsourcing. During their conference this year in Brussels, our CEO got on stage to spread her knowledge on the subject the 3 part video covers Crowdsourcing is in our DNA pitfalls and biases The right crowd through the […]

  • New Business Think Tank Report: How to Balance

    Know how better to balance your focus between today’s core and tomorrow’s new business An ELP and Synthetron collaboration Connecting Intelligence, leading to insights and next practices that accelerate the capacity to create and capture value, for today and tomorrow: Many organisations work hard to focus on optimising today’s business, while initiating efforts to develop ideas and create options for the future. It’s a delicate balancing […]

  • Announcing: The Online Crowd Energy Brainstorm Session Tuesday Oct 13

    How can we best develop a crowd energy market? Technology is rapidly evolving. Everyday we are moving away from traditional producers to crowd-driven solutions in finance, government, innovation, design . This also applies to the energy sector. We are becoming “prosumers”, where in we produce and consume energy and are actively moving towards crowd-supported energy solutions. In the […]

  • Employees becoming trend-experts

    Any new vision in banking is based on foreseeing the customer’s future financial needs. With the help of Synthetron this spring, a large Dutch financial institution took advice from their own employees acting as trend-experts for insights into the most important social and economic issues they see. Issues that hint at new market needs. Realising […]


    Last month we conducted a new Synthetron business think tank on “women in business” See how 34 (predominantly female) managers see culture openness as the key to have more female senior managers in business. The issue is not for “women to model masculine behaviour” but for the behaviour of men and women to change. Their plea […]

  • Women in Business: Kick-start initiatives may prove double-edged weapons

    What interventions should a company make in order to improve gender diversity? Working on culture and behaviour and on attitudes of individuals is at least as important as rules and processes. That’s the main learning we derived from a recent Business Think Tank organised in partnership with the UK based White Water consultancy group. 34 […]

  • Synthetron reading recommendation: The Second Machine Age 

    The Second Machine Age MIT’s Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee is one of those books that has made me look differently at the world. My first new insight came in the first 100 pages, when the authors put the current digital innovation into historical perspective explaining that during the transition from steam power to electric it […]

  • High-level expert panel with McKinsey

    Our first virtual panel discussion with high-level experts was considered surprisingly efficient in the eyes of our McKinsey counterparts as a means to help evaluate treatment paths for depression.  Crowd-sourcing based brainstorming is still an unknown road for many. So much the better then that a high-level panel of more than twenty academics from  Harvard, […]