Synthetron Employee Engagement +

Do you feel like your Employee Engagement efforts are getting a bit tiresome?

The original goal of these surveys – driving engagement – just doesn’t seem to happen anymore.  That’s why Synthetron developed the Employee Engagement +. A new way of measuring and creating engagement through engaging online dialogues. EE+ gives you insight in what’s good, what’s bad and what the quick wins are; straight from your employees.

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Is it for you?

  • Do you want the + of deep and actionable results from your Employee Engagement efforts?
  • Or a quick follow-up to see how things are shifting?
  • Are you aware that traditional ways of tracking employee engagement are losing impact and open to the + of new more interactive approaches?
  • Are you new to employee engagement and want the + of an innovative and interactive way to go about it?



Colleagues from a single department have an online discussion with each other. The dialogues are set up so they can find both causes and solutions for their concerns, through a structured discussion with open questions like “What would increase your job satisfaction?”, “What can we do better?” and “What can you or your team do to move this along?”. The discussion is completely anonymous and no-one can see who sent which message so it is a safe and honest environment.


Every department gets their results within a week

  • + a report of the discussion
  • + a list of messages that people agree with
  • + Across the whole organisation, we make a heat map of the most important overall themes
  • + Synthetron can help facilitate workshops to discuss these results with you and define follow-up actions.
  • + Every project is tailor made together with the client including the size of the groups (10-1000 per dialogue), who to include and, most importantly, the right questions to ask.

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