Joining forces or going it alone? June 20th 2017 // 5-6 pm CET

Let us exchange about challenges for ownership!
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For a long time companies have been trying to focus their efforts on core competences while improving labor flexibility and saving costs. In some areas nowadays, consultants, contractors and other partner providers dominate. Manpower traditionally employed by the company seems to be second choice.

Focusing on core business areas like strategy, people development and change, we wonder:

  • For which type of activities is it more likely to bring benefits joining with external forces?
  • What should be kept in house?
  • How to protect core capabilities?
  • What are the considerations for internal employee satisfaction, retention and growth?

Business managers and consultants will have highly relevant experience to bring to this debate. We will host (and moderate) this discussion for both groups. If you are an experienced Business Manager or Consultant with relevant experience to this topic, we would like to invite you to join other professionals in a 1 hour online discussion. No installation needed, participate where you want.

By collaborating using the Synthetron platform you can expect a picture of consensus and contrariness – detailed insights, hopefully very useful for each of those who take the time to participate.

What can you expect?

  • Get to know the Synthetron Method
  • Enriching discussion with an international crowd
  • Exclusive first access to a free full report
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