G1000 case : Innovative hybrid mass consultation with citizens

G1000 case : Innovative hybrid mass consultation with citizens

On November 11th 2011 a unique experiment was set up in Belgium. One thousand randomly selected citizens were brought together in Brussels in an effort to bring together people from all regions, social classes and ages to discuss 3 topics previously identified by citizens: Social Security, the Financial Crisis and Immigration. In a second phase 32 representatives will continue the collaborative process to define a set of concrete actionable proposals during spring 2012.

The G1000 was set up using a hybrid format. At a mass event people at tables of 10 first listened to 20 minute expert presentations on each topic discussed under the guidance of facilitators. In parallel discussions took place online (G-home) and off site (G-off). In the background were academic methodology guardians, as well as significant groups of international observers and press. The entire event was made public via online streaming. The set up was unique in so far that the whole initiative was entirely crowdfunded, and citizen-driven and that is used a unique mass hybrid model of on-site mass interaction plus online (G-home) and offline (G-off).


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