• Although most CEOs consider their strategy to be clear many are frustrated by how that strategy is translated into action by their middle managers.

    • You know that getting input from people close to the customer is critical in setting and evolving strategy.
      Use Synthetron to capture the wisdom from your field staff and stay one step ahead of the competition
    • Strategy may seem clear in the boardroom, but is usually far from that elsewhere.
      You can grow alignment, clarity, motivation and agility by using Synthetron discussions in your organisation
    • When organising an internal conference, you can increase impact by engaging participants in advance in Synthetron discussions.
      You’ll secure useful input, add credibility and build interest in your event

    Use Synthetron to close that gap by giving everyone a safe place to express their concerns and work through the challenges together. Build ownership and a solution focus through online, anonymous, scripted discussions, often per department and always tailor-made to your specific needs.

    Synthetron offers an affordable way to maintain a strategic dialogue within an organisation, enhancing motivation and agility and creating stronger market outcomes

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