• These days we are drowning in customer data from research, loyalty programmes and buying habits, but do we really understand our target groups? Is the input from the tiny sample from focus groups or formulaic information from questionnaires even remotely reliable or insightful?

    • You have an exciting new idea for a product but focus groups are too limited and a full market test would be expensive and slow.
      Synthetron discussions will help you make key choices and even offer new ideas.
    • Your loyalty trends are negative, but it is hard to understand why.
      Engage loyalty programme members in Synthetron discussions to bring out underlying issues before it is too late.
    • Your mystery shopper scores are good, but are good practices spreading?
      Engage consumers in Synthetron discussions to find out what your best branches are doing that others could learn from

    Synthetron can close this knowledge gap for you at high speed and low cost by running large, online, anonymous discussions with your consumers to understand how they really see your brand and customer experience. As they co-create prioritised solutions to their own problems they will give you blueprint for improved performance


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