• We all know that an engaged workforce is more loyal and more productive. But as an HR manager you know to achieve that is easier said than done. Surveys, townhalls and exit interviews all have their place, but tend to give their insights too late and generalised.

    • You operate a costly annual employee engagement survey,
       yet the same challenge areas emerge year after year.
      Use Synthetron as follow up to your survey and establish the underlying issues as well as discover practical solutions that will improve those lower scores
    • You keep hearing about worrying stress levels and work-life balance concerns in your organisation,
      but it is hard to know what actions to take.
      Use anonymous departmental Synthetron discussions to find root causes and effective remedies
    • You want your Employee Value Proposition to be a source of pride and a competitive advantage,
      yet too often it is seen cynically as a remote paper exercise.
      Use Synthetron discussions to restore ownership and edge for your EVP

    Synthetron cuts through this challenge via tailor-made, anonymous discussions among teams large or small. Underlying issues  and practical solutions will quickly emerge to give you stronger Employee Value Propositions, reduced stress and greater employee satisfaction


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