• The pace of change is increasing and agile organisations need to find smart ways to gather views and engage staff in the process. Traditional methods – extensive travel to large meetings, one-way webcasts or townhalls where the loud drown out the insightful – are no longer good enough.

    • Are your middle managers denying the urgent need for change?
      Well-scripted, large online Synthetron discussions can create the burning platform that you need to understand and build the case for change.
    • Is changing your company culture proving tougher than you thought?
       Did you know that just using the wrong language or missing some key leadership behaviour changes could be the problem? Co-create your new culture together with Synthetron discussions
    • Is your change programme losing momentum?
       Or has the need to change become more urgent? A round of Synthetron discussions can identify hidden root causes and blockers and find ways to move beyond them
    • As a new senior leader you know you need to make the most of your first 100 days.
       Get an objective diagnosis of what is going on by using Synthetron discussions to listen, build support, identify priorities and initiate action
    • After a merger, two cultures must quickly come together and create momentum despite uncertainty.
      Anonymous Synthetron discussions help you define the best solutions regardless of provenance of the ideas.
    • You will be implementing a new ERP system or other change that will impact many in your business.
      You know two-way communication is critical, and Synthetron might be what makes the difference between success and failure.

    Many of our clients have discovered that using Synthetron can be both effective and efficient. Our discussions, tailored to your specific needs, always yield surprising and actionable insights. Mistakes can be avoided and positive change accelerated while maintaining staff morale

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