• We all know that engaging widely often leads to better outcomes.
    But traditional methods tend to be slow, costly and limited. When you are facing workforce challenges around change or wishing to engage with customers or other stakeholders, Synthetron offers an efficient and affordable means to widen engagement using real-time, online, anonymous, moderated discussions.

    • Change

    • Are you trying to drive change in your organisation, but finding it hard to engage widely enough?

      As a new leader of a large team, someone trying to merge organisations or a leader of a major change initiative, you know that people only make change happen when they are on board. With Synthetron you can listen deeply and increase engagement.

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    •  Strategy

    • Would you love your strategy to have more traction?

      Do staff complain of lack of clarity or insufficient communication? By engaging many through Synthetron, you can find out just what they understand and are ready to accept and implement, securing stronger support and outcomes

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    •  HR

    • Engagement falling short despite your investment in staff surveys or other efforts?

      Are you hearing the same old problems but are not sure what the root causes might be or what specific actions could help? Synthetron enables affordable, in depth discussions at a company-wide or departmental level, so staff can develop and prioritise their own improvement options

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    • Stakeholders & Members

    • Do you really know what your members are looking for from your organisation and what they really value?

      Do you have stakeholders who are dispersed and hard to reach easily, yet critical to your success? With Synthetron you can reach out and engage these groups, to fine tune your agenda and to solidify their loyalty and support.

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    • Marketing

    • Are you drowning in data about your target consumers but lacking in really useful insight?

      Do you find focus groups expensive and often unrepresentative? Synthetron offers a unique blended two-way method of engagement to help you secure better value for money from your marketing budget

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    • Citizens

    • Do  you really want to involve citizens in defining your program of action, yet when you try to get them involved, you run into unrepresentative lobby groups and apathy? People love to get involved via large online Synthetron discussions; use it to multiply your reach and inject life back into your democracy

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