• Synthetron dialogues

    are one-hour, online, written conversations attended by anywhere from 10 to 1,500 people, who participate on their PC, laptop or tablet from wherever they are in the world. The dialogues are interactive and anonymous. This means employees can respond honestly, unhindered by their own positions and interpersonal relationships.

    The dialogues are supported by our unique crowdsourcing software which ensures the discussion is realtime, scalable and anonymous.

    The process

    is very efficient, e.g., a group of 300 participants will typically share 3,000 to 4,000 ideas during a conversation that they describe as engaging and rewarding. Our team then identifies and ranks their top 400 ideas.

    Tailored to your specific needs. We manage the process closely from start to finish and we know how to design a good script. We moderate, you co-moderate, and together we adapt the script to the conversation as it happens.
    When the conversation is finished you receive an instant report and all the data collected in Excel format. We then subject the data to a robust and quantitative in-depth analysis in order to translate the instant report into actionable insights for you.

    In less than a month

    after we start you receive the final report, providing management with a view on the content, the change forces at work, the mind-set, the buzzwords and the benchmarks. You can focus on the management summary with the “Why it matters” action table, or you can drill down to all statements received.

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