Our mission is to make sure decision makers in organisations don’t miss out on the important insights they need for future success by engaging many in crowdsourcing dialogues and discovering their winning ideas.

We believe in these underpinning ideas:

  •  Going beyond measuring people through surveys to smart generative listening. We focus the dialogue on what matters and craft the best triggering questions. We have a passion for engaging people in order to connect ideas.
  •  Authentic conversations that avoid groupthink and motivate participants to share ideas anonymously. They focus on what is said and not by whom so the integrity of the idea is maintained
  •  The wisdom of the crowd to have the capacity to generate, evaluate and filter out their most important ideas facilitated by our evolutionary crowdsourcing.
  •  Our methodology to discover actionable meaning from the data by rigorously analysing what they say, how they say it and where there is energy or resistance. Our report includes an overview, a “So what?” table and communication guidelines to trigger change.