We are Synthetron

Synthetron = SYNTHEsis for combining + TRON for wisdom via elements and ideas from the crowd

Here at Synthetron we have 10 years of experience in engaging crowds via over 1000 online conversations so far. We believe in harnessing the combined wisdom of the people that matter so you don’t miss out on important insights.
Our main focus is helping decision makers in complex organisations keep their finger on the pulse so they can better engage, change and grow.
We developed our unique crowdsourcing dialogue solution specifically to engage large groups of up to 1000 participants to anonymously share, react, evaluate and identify together their winning ideas in just one hour.
We know how to trigger valuable conversations and then translate the outcomes into actionable insights.
The objective of our dialogues is always twofold :

  1. to genuinely engage many in a safe, rewarding way and
  2.  to get the most important insights for decision makers via our evolutionary crowdsource algorithm.

Synthetron professional consultants bring you a wide experience in business and society, a rigorous methodology built on 10 years of experience and excellence in execution. We have been international from the start, adding professional partners that share our values to our network. We now cover 12 languages in four continents and continue to grow.