• Synthetron Employee Engagement

    A new way of testing employee satisfaction that gives positive feedback and a way forward

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  • Synthetron BTT results: Does Performance Management Need Fixing? (Longread)

    Little has changed in the last decade in performance management practice, yet the environment that it needs to serve has transformed completely. A few progressive organisations have announced that in future they will do away with PM completely. This was the context of a Business Think Tank dialogue hosted by Synthetron in March this year. […]

  • Synthetron BTT report: Resolving Issues in the Energy transition

    Europe has got ambtious CO2 targets. In order to achieve these targets focus will be on energy savings and large scale development of renewable energy sources (RES). Citizens want ‘energy autarky’ : consumers become Producers themselves, or Prosumers, leading to more de-central energy systems. In the context of Crowd Sourcing Week Europe 2015, utilising Synthetron, we asked […]

  • Continuity AND Transformation

    We might be said to be creatures of habit. But that doesn’t mean we always avoid change. In fact, change is part of our daily life. The most important aspect of implementing change in an organisation is to take the temperature first. How do the organisation’s stakeholders, including its staff and customers feel? One can […]