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  • Crowdsourcing is changing possibilities

    Synthetron CEO Joanne Celens presented at the global Crowd Source Weekly conference in Singapore and brings back two important insights on organisational evolution and global speed. The conference which focused on 3 themes: crowdsourcing for corporations, crowdsourcing to leverage the social economy and crowdfunding. “An important new insight for me is picture of evolution of […]

  • Agility – not just a buzzword

    Based on learnings using crowd intelligence in two separate dialogues on January 28th and April 14th 2015, we derived five lessons in connection with eight imperatives to reflect upon how to improve on agility. With few exceptions the need for agility is mostly anchored in external effects (market, technologies) and less in internal factors. Almost […]

  • Engagement Surveys: not quite there yet

    For the past twenty years employee opinion surveys have  been going through a steady evolution. First there were satisfaction surveys, which today have evolved into engagement surveys. It’s a necessary metric in the classical HR dashboard, but usually it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to. Engagement surveys give us a multitude of numbers for different […]