• Synthetron Employee Engagement

    A new way of testing employee satisfaction that gives positive feedback and a way forward

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  • a new way of measuring

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  • Continuity AND Transformation

    We might be said to be creatures of habit. But that doesn’t mean we always avoid change. In fact, change is part of our daily life. The most important aspect of implementing change in an organisation is to take the temperature first. How do the organisation’s stakeholders, including its staff and customers feel? One can […]

  • (VIDEO) Crowdsourcing intelligence: do intelligent questions create intelligent crowds?

    In 2015 we partnered up with Crowdsourcing Week meaning you will always be able to find us at their events. During the Crowdsourcing week conference in Brussels, our CEO Joanne Celens answered the question: do intelligtent questions create intelligent crowds? Watch it here. The talk has been split up in 3 parts below: 1: Crowdsourcing is in our […]

  • How do we do it?

    People often ask us “So what actually happens in a Synthetron discussion?” Using our unique discussion software, we set up and run a 1-hour online, anonymous discussion. During the discussion, the people you have invited will discuss your topics based on a script we have developed together to question key aspects of your issue. Afterwards, […]