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High-level expert panel with McKinsey

Our first virtual panel discussion with high-level experts was considered surprisingly efficient in the eyes of our McKinsey counterparts as a means to help evaluate treatment paths for depression. 

Crowd-sourcing based brainstorming is still an unknown road for many. So much the better then that a high-level panel of more than twenty academics from  Harvard, Yale and Oxford recently took the chance to discuss issues around the treatment for a specific medical condition.

Commissioned by McKinsey & Company, Synthetron and the internal pharma project team jointly developed questions about treatment pathways, how to address challenges and how to formulate effective answers to improve care in depression.

Engaging participants for more than an hour, the moderators collected around 500 statements of substance. Nearly 21% of those achieved a collaborative support. From the instant report at the end of the debate participants learned immediately about their level of consensus on major issues.

McKinsey partner Dr. Jorge Santos da Silva was quick to congratulate the team – not only for careful preparation but also for the momentum achieved in this highly interactive format. To inform experts around the world about insights from the panel, McKinsey will publish an in-depth research paper within the next eight weeks. Given the positive experience with Synthetron other panel discussions will follow shortly.