• So you want to engage your employees and know what they really think?

    Communicating with employees is important of course, and it has to be done in the right way. Our clients use Synthetron to listen to staff at critical moments.

    • Maybe you’re going through a merger or a major change program? Rolling out a new strategy or addressing problems identified by the staff survey or staff performance?
      Employees value the opportunity to speak their mind freely – just participating in a discussion has been demonstrated to improve motivation by 20-40%.
    • We have worked with clients in industry, healthcare, education, business and financial services, transport, trade, energy and with NGOs.
      Our solution has been tested by thousands and can be adapted to exactly fit your requirements. These are all situations where we can use our ten years of multinational experience to give you focused input into your action plan. The most popular areas are Change Management, Strategy and Human Resources.
    • Who?
      Up to 1000 people can participate at a time so you can invite all the people that matter. Or you can segment by seniority, location or role.

    We consult employees in 3 business areas: