• Do you want to engage customers and know what they really think?

    Could it help you with your product development, communications planning or distribution strategy to know what really matters to customers and how to influence them?

    • Why?
      Structured listening through one of our sessions gives you a chance to hear your customers think. Unlike a focus group which can be unrepresentative and dominated by the loudest voices, in a Synthetron session everybody has an equal chance to participate. Giving you a chance to crowdsource the best ideas, hear the prevailing views and identify the most persuasive language that will resonate with your customers.
    • Who?
      Work with the people who matter most to your research question. That might be an existing customer panel, a new group of potential customers or clients that you have lost.
    • What?
      Combine our experience of this research approach with your knowledge of your sector and client base to work on the questions that you’d love to know the answers to.

    We help you understand your customers:

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