• Don’t leave a gap between policy and people.

    As the internet is changing the relationship between society and the government, citizens are looking for ways to have a voice. Synthetron offers you a dynamic way to carry out public consultations, keeping in touch with the concerns, ideas and expectations of large groups of citizens.

      • Why?
        Traditional methods such as town hall meetings and questionnaires are far from representative and make it difficult to capture representative views or the best ideas. By using our online dialogue tool you can involve many more people, including the less mobile or socially confident, and identify the shared points of view that can be building blocks for policy and action.
      • Our experience
        Synthetron has worked on citizen dialogue with national and international government agencies such as ministries, provinces, municipalities as well as civil society including housing associations and unions.
      • Who?
        It is possible to have an online conversation in different groups. For example, you might want to include all the inhabitants of a neighbourhood, all the business people in a city or all the people with certain medical conditions in a region


    Learn how to connect to your citizens:

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