White Papers & Articles

  • What Managers Tell us that Really Matters

    “What Managers, Executives and Staff Tell us that Really Matters”, in Review of Business and Economics, 2011 (2), by Paul Verdin, Eric Cabocel, Joanne Celens & François Faelli. This paper gets perspective on change from the “field” by analysing in a bottomup approach over 8,000 verbatims put forward by more than 4,000 participants (from top managers to frontline […]

  • Listen to learn, learn to listen

    This white paper is based on material developed by the co-authors and published in Elektronische Unthernehmens – Kommunikation, Konzepte und Beste Practices zu Kultur und Führung, 2008, by Frank Martin Hein. download >

  • Need for effective listening?

    We are passing through an age where dissemination of information is happening on a scale and at a rate never experienced before. Gathering enough reliable information to enable one to arrive at a knowledgeable decision is becoming ever more difficult. We urgently need to reverse this trend. In the process, we need to deal with […]

  • Finally allowed to voice my opinion!

    Without going into “overdrive”, we can report that Dutch drivers recently had the opportunity to voice their opinions en masse, and this thanks to Synthetron! We mean by this that over 6000 drivers had their say! For three days, Synthetron registered their views on assignment by the ANWB (the foremost Dutch Automobile Association). “I finally […]

  • Harnessing Social Brainstorming – BIG Award

    Every year, top B2B researchers get together for the BIG conference. Over three days they hear about the latest developments in the research world, learn insights from case studies and debate key issues for the industry. Synthetron”s Catherine Shovlin presented a paper this year about Harnessing Social Brainstorming, using the concept of water cooler conversations to demonstrate the […]