• Synthetron Employee Engagement

    A new way of testing employee satisfaction that gives positive feedback and a way forward

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  • a new way of measuring

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  • How do we do it?

    People often ask us “So what actually happens in a Synthetron discussion?” Using our unique discussion software, we set up and run a 1-hour online, anonymous discussion. During the discussion, the people you have invited will discuss your topics based on a script we have developed together to question key aspects of your issue. Afterwards, […]

  • What does Synthetron do?

    We know that decision makers in organisations don’t want to miss out on the important insights they need for future success. We engage the people that matter in crowdsourcing dialogues to discover their winning ideas.   Traditional methods never seem to capture the range of emotions, frustrations thoughts and opinions of people. And if they […]

  • The value of Positive Behaviour

    On August 11th, a Synthetron session was held together with Sequoia, our partners in Singapore and their partners Anima Convivência Produtiva, High Peaks Group and Real world group. The session was held on the value of positive behaviour, moreover the effects it can have on workplace behaviour. The synthetron study was part of a larger study into the value of […]