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  • Engagement Surveys: not quite there yet

    For the past twenty years employee opinion surveys have  been going through a steady evolution. First there were satisfaction surveys, which today have evolved into engagement surveys. It’s a necessary metric in the classical HR dashboard, but usually it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to. Engagement surveys give us a multitude of numbers for different […]

  • Getting Agile

    The Synthetron team recently organised a business think tank session on the subject of Business Agility, defined for the session as the ability to react quickly to change.The session gave me pause to reflect, not least about my own agility. Download the report here .   Most of us started the session thinking that more agility would […]

  • The 5 top reasons why it’s difficult to appease members

    Last year, members of FNV (the Dutch worker’s union) gathered at an FNV Allies conference and, contrary to all expectations, voted against a proposition to merge. This once again showed that it’s difficult to gauge the opinion of members, even if they are involved every step of the way.   Why is that? Why do so […]